Who We Are

Driven by passion, creativity and a strong desire to create atypical and inspiring content, we set up Photo Boutique, a photography and film studio that is well, a lot more than just your typical studio. With ten years of hands-on experience in the local and regional market, we developed an unparalleled know-how to conceptualise, create and deliver visionary content that equally responds to the client’s needs and its target market’s aspirations.

From initial ideas to final delivery, together, we transform concepts into campaigns, offering comfortable and creative turnkey solutions to big brands and emerging boutiques alike.

What we do

As a photography and film studio, we naturally offer photoshoot and film services but more than just that, we create fully-fledged campaigns handling projects from their inception phase to final delivery. The project management arm of the studio is capable of handling all the aspects of each project as well as outsourcing expertise. From concept creation and art direction to casting, location scouting, styling, make-up and hair, editing and retouching, we take care of everything down to the very last detail.

Photo Boutique studio is located in Zamalek, Cairo. This said, we are easily mobile and are comfortable taking jobs internationally and working with international clients. Having worked with world-renowned brands and publications as well as emerging designers and start-ups, we are capable of delivering top quality work regardless of budget, with the promise of delivering the highest value of work within each budget.


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